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Bonneville: Weekly unemployment claims

COVID-19 has affected the economy in many ways; one of which is unemployment claims.
     In Bonneville, for the week ending with September 5th, 2020,
  • Initial unemployment claims numbered 86 while the week preceding was 74.

The table below includes select weekly initial unemployment claims near the beginning of each month of 2020.
                      January 4th, 2020 96
                      February 1st, 2020 52
                      March 7th, 2020 37
                      April 4th, 2020 873
                      May 2nd, 2020 223
                      June 6th, 2020 100
                      July 4th, 2020 85
                      August 1st, 2020
                      September 5th, 2020 86
For further delving into data, the Census Bureau has an excellent website:

NOTE: Data are suppressed for claims less than 5.

Source: 2020 Idaho Department of Labor (; DATE LAST UPDATED: September 10, 2020

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